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Welcome to Kilpatrick's Marsh And Field

Count on the Kilpatricks to know the products they sell!

We Sell the Very Best from Beavertail!

...sometimes the simplest solution is the best solution. They're called "Backwater Motors"... "no questions asked, get you anywhere and back, mud flingin', weed eatin', rock smashin' workhorses"...
Get where you need to go with the Kilpatricks and Beavertail.
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6.5 HP Vanguard

Long Tail

13 HP Vanguard

Long Tail

23 HP Vanguard

Long Tail
26.5 HP Kohler

Long Tail
35 HP Vanguard

Long Tail
35 HP Vanguard

Surface Drive
37 HP Vanguard

Surface Drive

We offer the ultimate, most versatile watercraft!

Let Us Show You How NuCanoe is Fit for You!

Why NuCanoe?
    Whether standing or sitting, entering or exiting, fishing or paddling, the stability of NuCanoe boats is certainly to impress.
    Sit high and dry with your choice of seat style one seat does not fit all!
    Solo or tandem. Paddle, oar, or motor. Lake, river, bay, or ocean. The choices are yours!
    Enjoy the freedom to outfit your boat how you want, and change it up whenever you want -- fishing (including fly fishing), hunting or rowing. NuCanoe at your leisure. Contact

We know NuCanoe because we use NuCanoe.
You can contact and count on Kilpatrick's March and Field for Details

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We not only sell high quality boats, motors, blinds and trailers - WE USE THEM!
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